Key Features

Packed with features that make Jam Maestro stand out from its competitors


Soundpacks to fit whatever your taste. Acoustic, Rock, Metal, Jazz, Clean, Atmospheric, Doom.

Heavy Sound

Over 4000 realistic samples. Full neck (24 frets) sampled and resampled at various drop tunings. Palm mutings for every fret to create that heavy chug sound.

External audio

Use the built in MIDI and Inter-App Audio instruments to add virtually any sound you want to your composition. Invoke sound directly from your favourite iOS music apps.


Fully compatible with MIDI both in and out. Use as a MIDI sequencer to sequence 3rd party apps or external hardware. Use a MIDI keyboard or guitar and transcribe to tab - live in real time

7 string guitar

Main guitar instrument supports 7 string guitar. Midi instrument supports anywhere between 4 and 8 string guitars (you just need to supply your own sound via a background app)

Wide range of tunings

Many tuning options, or set your own custom tuning up to 7 semitones down or 5 semitones up.

Custom Drum Kits

Powerful drum kit creator. Import your own samples and set up the pad layout how you like. Sequence them in tab or in an external sequencer by assigning each drum a midi note.


Built in Dropbox support allows you to instantly share song ideas with your bandmates using a shared folder


Set up individual effects chains for each instrument. Delay, Reverb, EQ, Chorus, Flanger, Vibrato, Tremolo, or even add a 3rd party Inter-App Audio effect.


Ableton Link. Inter-App Audio (Host and Node). Audiobus. Audiocopy. Midi In/Out.


Open native .jam files. Import from midi (mid) and Guitar Pro 3-5 (gp3, gp4, gp5) files.


Save in native .jam files. Export as midi file. Render sound into wav/m4a files. Save guitar tab as pdf/txt file.