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This app gives me the power to pro-produce music even places that I can't physically play guitar. I've used this as my main song-writing tool for years now. Well worth the price!

Chris Zell

She Pulled The Trigger

This is my go to for writing down and figuring out songs for my band to play. Jam Maestro has everything I need. I can write for guitars, bass, and drums, all the sounds sound realistic, and I can even export and email my songs to my band mates directly from the app.


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The level of performance this app allows you to achieve by just tapping the tab in on your phone is amazing! From drums to bass & guitar you can write every part of a song within this app and then hear how it sounds together. It even has effects and automation. I love it!

Joey D Rocks

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There is nothing like this out there. The best tab > music app. Experimenting is easy. Thank you for this app I searched for ages to find similar and could not.

The Reservoir Dag

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I've used this app for years. Jam Maestro has become a crucial tool for composition and collaboration for me.


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I'm not exclusively using this app for the guitars but I've found so many sounds that this app will accomplish that are not in other guitar apps. The chug feature is awesome and I really am working on creating guitar tracks that sound like a real guitarist playing my music. The only guitars I've found so far that have the same high quality are loops playing somewhat generic patterns, I can't and won't use them for anything other than figuring out chord progressions.


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