Designed for composition

Jam Maestro is not a tool to help you learn guitar. It's your composition assistant you can take anywhere and gives you the power to sketch out ideas quicker than you thought possible.

Music Theory

Music theory has been built into the heart of Jam Maestro.


Unique playing interface to help you compose. Highlights notes outside of your current key that will still sound good with your current key.


Notes that harmonise well together are highlighted.

Jam Mode

Let Jam Maestro be your backing band.


Set your instruments to loop between certain bars, and start recording in Jam Mode. Play along to your backing instruments and as you play your notes will be transcribed to tab on the fly (including the backing instruments). Once your jam is over copy and paste your best ideas into your main composition.

Key Analysis

Analyse the notes in your composition to understand the keys it could potentially be in or transition to.


Program in key changes at points in your tab so that the playing interface stays in sync, allowing you to jam along to your composition seamlessly.