What are some extra tips/tricks that people might not know about?

  • Can’t find the traditional Major/Minor scales? You can find these as the Ionian and Aeolian modes in the Diatonic scale, respectively
  • Tapping the ‘CHUG’ button quickly on the guitar screen will toggle palm muting on/off, as opposed to having it only enabled when it is held down.
  • With the green ‘bend’ button selected on the tab screen, you can pull and bend the frets and JM will record exactly how you did it. You can also add vibrato by shaking the device.
  • When you have a slide ‘/’ between two notes, JM will use the second note to determine where to end the slide. It wont however play that second note once it is reached. If you want to do this, simply add a strum up or down to that fret and that note will be played/struck at the completion of the slide.
  • You can design your own drum kits, importing your own samples, and arranging the entire interface. You can also specify which midi notes each pad responds to, and invoke up this from an external sequencer/hardware. You can load up to 16 of these custom drum kits simultaneously and do this. Any custom drum kits can then be easily exported and shared with anyone else, and can also be embedded into any .jam file you save so anyone that opens the.jam file wont have to worry about missing samples. See the tutorial video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvFM0W6jZGA
  • Each instrument can be transmitted separately through its own channel to a DAW using Audiobus. Example video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heCszQYwjD4
  • Tired of entering Stop ‘*’ signals everywhere in the tab? Just double tap the tab screen and select the notes you want, then hit the Stop/Sweep button and it will apply these automatically.
  • Don’t forget you can triple tap the tab to affect all instruments simultaneously. Eg pressing DUP BAR with triple tap selected with duplicate all bars across all instruments.
  • Try the ‘toggle’ fret release mode with the midi/IAA instrument selected. If you do it with a continuous patch (say violin) its quite fun.

I have restored Jam Maestro on a new device via a backup and my sound isn’t working?

Chances are you had previously enabled ‘Pre-decompress Samples’ under Main Menu, Options, Performance. When you restored the backup it didn’t save the samples that you have pre-decompressed, so they are missing. To fix this simply disable and re-enable the soundpacks that you have pre-decompressed.
(Note however that on anything later than an iPhone 4 this really shouldn’t be necessary and you should just leave this disabled these days)

How do I change time signature?

In the tab screen touch the +4/4 button at the top of the side bar, and then swipe your finger off to the left. This pops out a menu where you can select different time signatures to add to your tab.

What file formats can Jam Maestro open?

Jam Maestro can open the following formats:

Jam Maestro files:
.jam: Standard file format
.jamzip: Standard file format with any used custom drum kits bundled inside
.jmdmidi: Custom Midi Drum Kit layout
.jmdzip: Custom User-made Drum Kit (with bundled samples inside)

.mid: Midi files
.gp3, .gp4, .gp5: Guitar Pro files (version 3 to 5)

Can I play strings / synthesizer sounds etc in Jam Maestro?

You can do this quite easily using the midi or inter-app audio instruments. Easiest way is to add an inter-app audio instrument and select a 3rd party app (for example, Thumbjam works great) with the sounds that you want to use. This way you can play and sequence the sounds from the background app using Jam Maestro.

Can you add the ability to do Triplets in the tab?

This is an unlikely implementation at this stage. It would be no easy task, and would require some rethinking on how the sound engine works. Hardest of all however would be working out how to represent this graphically in the tab.

Answers on a postcard?

I can’t get the IAA Effects to work!

There are 4 IAA Effects slots which you can assign to different effects apps. These slots are shared across all instruments. As such before an effect will be applied to each instrument you have to select that instrument and the IAA Effects panel and then drag that app icon down to enable it for that particular instrument.

How do I add slides/bends/hammer-ons/pull-offs into the tab?

When in the tab mode swipe the middle bar left until you get to the green buttons with bend/slide/hammer on/pull-off.

To use, toggle a button and then use the strings on the strum bar to choose which string you want to assign it to. Generally you should place one of these note effects between two other notes for it to have an effect. You can also assign it directly to a note if you’re short on space.

When bend is selected you can also physically bend a fret (or shake the device for vibrato) and Jam Maestro will record exactly how you did it.

When you have a slide ‘/’ between two notes, JM will use the second note to determine where to end the slide. It wont however play that second note once it is reached. If you want to do this, simply add a strum up or down to that fret and that note will be played/struck at the completion of the slide.

The AppStore says there are IAP’s but I can’t find them?

Older versions of Jam Maestro used to have IAP for additional soundpacks, however all soundpacks are now included as standard with Jam Maestro, so you already have them.

The only IAP left is one for the Mod Effects on the effects screen, which you can choose to unlock via IAP or by writing an AppStore review.

Can I use a 7 string guitar / 5 string bass?

As of version 3.5 this is now possible. You can also use an 8 string guitar / 6 string bass with the midi or inter-app audio instruments. To do this simply go to the instrument edit screen and edit the tuning for that specific instrument.

Can I export my tabs to PDF/Text file?

Go to the tab screen and press the blue MAIN button at the top. Then press ‘Export to Tab’.

Can I import/export a midi file into Jam Maestro?

Yes! Go to the tab screen, then press the blue MAIN button at the top. From here press Export Selection or Export Track (depending on what you want to do), and select the file type as MIDI.

Can I import Guitar Pro files?

Yes! You can now import Guitar Pro 3-5 files (gp3, gp4, gp5).

Can you include a lower tuning / Drop B / Drop A?

Yes, as of v3.2.1 this is now possible.

Possible custom tuning now ranges down to
A2 D G C F A (6-7 semitones lower than standard)
all the way up to:
A3 D G B E G (3-5 semitones higher than standard).

Will you ever add velocity control?

Sure, but when I do it I would like to couple velocity control on the interface with the ability to control velocity in the tab, which is a much greater task.

You should add a piano/keyboard instrument interface! Can you do that?

Yes, however before this can be done we have to work out how the piano would look in the tab screen. Guitars are easy as only a maximum of strings/channels can be played simultaneously.

However with Piano you could potentially play 88 notes/channels simultaneously. So the question is – how to display this in the tab?

  • Having 88 strings would be completely impractical and take up the whole screen.
  • Another ideas would be to have 12 strings, one to represent each semi-tone, but what happened if you wanted to play an octave (eg. 2 C’s simultaneously)? Couldn’t program 2 notes into the same string at the same 16th note.
  • Could have dynamic strings, where notes are randomly assigned to free strings. But then visually notes would be assigned to random strings which would be very hard to read, as you really need a pitch hierarchy vertically.

Ideas how to solve this problem are welcome!

Can you implement an undo button?

This is implemented as of V3.2.

You can find it on the side bar in the tab screen… might need to pull the middle bar right down to reveal it though! Also… shake to undo!

Do you have any plans to make an Android version?

Not currently, but never say never.

Does Jam Maestro support Midi Guitar?

Yes! To enable go to Options, Midi, scroll down to ‘Dedicated Midi Hardware Controller’ and set the channel to ‘Midi Guitar’. This will unlock a new Midi Guitar menu on the tab screen (bottom of the right hand bar), which will allow you to set how far you want to step through the tab (eg. 8th, 16th etc) as you record each note.

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